Saniego Sanchez

Director of Punto Urban Art Museum

Saniego Sanchez was born in Albuquerque, NM, and raised in Denver, CO, where he previously served as the director of the Dikeou Collection, as the operations coordinator at the Museo de las Americas, and sat on the board for the La Alma-Lincoln Park Neighborhood Association.

Since 2016, he has lived in Mexico City and Pátzcuaro, México, where focusing his graduate program research in the arts and cultural sector served as the central approach to integrating into the broader community. His thesis research’s primary question “How do community museum’s practice sustainability?” reflects his continual effort to develop a holistic practice dedicated to supporting museums through an anthropological lens.

In 2022, Saniego was an Arts and Cultural Strategy Summer Fellow at the Othering & Belonging Institute at UC Berkeley, where he contributed to research on the practices and strategies that cultural anchors utilize to engender belonging in their communities. In 2018, he participated in a summer residency as part of Goucher College’s Arts Administration program. In 2014, he received the Western State Arts Federation’s Emerging Leader of Color award and participated in a leadership training seminar with fellow arts professionals.

When not at the computer, he can be found eating at cocina tradicionales, or traditional kitchens, in the Lake Pátzcuaro region, exploring spaces for the the zingrecsMEXICOCITY art event listing, and walking through local tianguis or flea markets.

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