Nina Lissarrague

Small Business Coordinator

Nina’s passion for small business development dates back to her childhood spent in her family’s restaurant in Vermont. In recent years, she has contributed to two tech startups, envisioning the function and design of products and assisting users with their usage. Nina deeply cares about ensuring that business owners and entrepreneurs have the resources to grow and pursue their vision. She believes in the importance of a diverse and community-supported marketplace that highlights local talent and invests in local economies. She is thrilled to have recently joined NSCDC to contribute to this cause.

Nina holds a BA in anthropology from Hamilton College, a small school in upstate New York. During her time there, she conducted two ethnographic research projects: one on vaccine hesitancy amongst liberal mothers and another on how middle-class college students manage their money and relationships with their parents regarding financial debt. In her junior spring, Nina studied abroad in Dakar, Senegal, where she interned at a sexual and reproductive health NGO, researched the Senegalese tradition of oral storytelling, and learned to surf!

Currently, Nina lives in Somerville with four roommates. In her free time, she enjoys taking circus arts classes such as trapeze and hoop, exploring the local music scene with her girlfriend, and preparing lots of stir-frys.