Kiauris Sosa

Youth + Young Adult Outreach Specialist

Kiauris Sosa is the Youth and Young Adult Outreach Specialist at North Shore Community Development Coalition. She was originally The LISC AmeriCorp for two years, serving as the Family Stability Coordinator, where she was able to work with immigrant communities. This opportunity allowed her to create an impact on many lives; she helped countless families that were facing housing problems, job instability and connected more than 200 individuals with resources that matched their needs. Her passion for her job made her the person she is today.

As the Youth and young adult outreach specialist, her main responsibility is to create support systems, build relationships, and a sense of community among young adults that are facing housing instability. Some of the many services she offers are housing coaching, financial resources, financial literacy, job training, and educational opportunities. In addition, she also identifies and builds new relationships with community organizations, state and federal agencies, and businesses to foster new opportunities for the program.

Kiauris, has been a Point Neighborhood resident for over 15 years now. As an immigrant herself she understands the hardships among minorities. She translates many of her personal experiences to her line of work with young adults and because of that she uses those experiences for the betterment of those who need it the most.

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