47 Leavitt Street

25 Units, 1,500 Square Feet of Commercial Space
100% affordable
Under Construction

One of two buildings as part of The Lighthouses, is located at the 47 Leavitt Street site will be oriented toward Congress Street. It will be a mixed-use building comprised of 25 units, approximately 550 SF of program/community space and 1,050 SF of commercial space. North Shore CDC sees this building as a destination, which will bring visitors and customers down Congress Street on a regular basis and therefore promote walkability, demand for more retail, deeper connections between downtown Salem and the Congress Street Business District, and regular access to and usage of the adjacent Palmer Cove Park. This vision is consistent with Salem’s Point Vision and Action Plan (2013) and the Point Neighborhood Commercial Corridors Revitalization Plan (2014), along with the CDC’s plan to reclaim a non-residential use on Congress Street at the first floor of 56 Palmer/105 Congress Street, where the new community room is located, as part of its recently completed Congress Street Residences project.

The nearby parcel located at 38 Palmer Street will provide seven parking spaces to support the development at 47 Leavitt Street. Hence, the development at 47 Leavitt Street will have access to a total of 23 parking spaces, 16 spaces at the site and 7 additional spaces only one block away.

These two new developments will be incorporated into the Punto Urban Art Museum (PUAM) by having the facades of both buildings feature works by world renowned artists. Founded in 2017, the Punto Urban Arts Museum is a social justice public arts program which is an integral part of the neighborhood revitalization strategy the CDC is employing to break down the barriers between the immigrant community of the Point neighborhood and the rest of Salem. With more than 100 murals to date, the Point Urban Arts Museum is tapping into the tourist economy of Salem, helping local business thrive and fostering neighborhood pride and a feeling of belonging in the community.